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HAI written by dendrofil, 2008-03-29 14:24 CET (5 comments)

So, there's beeen a really poor activity in this cup lately, I would like to blame you all but my team have failed just as hard so I'm not going to. The thing is that I haven't really got the time, or maybe more correct the willings to nag on all the teams and force them to play all their matches within the proper time. I think you all should be able to handle that on your own (myself included). So here comes the consequenses; Play your matches! And do it now! It doesn't even take an hour to do it, and it should not be very hard to find a time and date that suits both teams.

round1 (vi§o - ORDER) written by dendrofil, 2008-03-14 01:54 CET (15 comments)

The match between vi§o Gaming and ORDER Gaming ended up a real dramatic event.
The first was of ORDER's choice, wctf2. A what we thought strategical choice, but vi§o impressed with a tight and well kept defense. ORDER did neither manage to hold tight in defense nor break the thick Italian walls in attack.
The map ended 3 - 0 for vi§o's benefit. A fair score.

Demo: www.speltips.org/ctf/order_viso_ctf2_round1.wd10
Screenshot: www.speltips.org/ctf/order_viso_ctf2_round1.png

Next up vi§o's choise: wctf1.
After being able to steal the flag from the three-man vi§o defense and successfully score ORDER decided to fall back for the remaining 16 minutes. A strategy that looked like it was going to last, until aprox 4 minutes from timelimit's end. vi§o with their well synchronized attacks managed to score a tie. Feeling how my own pulse went up to a cuple of hundred, both teams fighted to maximum. But no-one managed to score before the time ran out.
An overtime of 5 extra minutes was added, and if possible my pulse grow'd even more.
With approxiametly 1.5 minutes left vi§o got the hold of ORDER's flag and also bringing it home all the way. A few desperate last minute atempts was made and ORDER did manage to steal the flag one last time in a 4-man attack. Unfortunetly for them vi§o had at the same time taken control of their own base and could seconds before the ending recover their flag back to safety.
The map ended 2 - 1 for vi§o's benefit.

Demo: www.speltips.org/ctf/viso_order_ctf1_round1.wd10
Screenshot: www.speltips.org/ctf/viso_order_ctf1_round1.png

Would finally like to add a big thanks to soofka who shoutcasted both maps, adding some excitement for our presious viewers.


#warsow.ctf written by dendrofil, 2008-03-10 19:19 CET (2 comments)

Hang in #warsow.ctf @ Qnet for the hot news!

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Do it!
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